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with a really good service category diversification, search no more.At Brighton and Hovearts Commission we offer sustainable growth to all business owners that work in the fields that we support. We deal with businesses in such categories as accountants, advertising, architects, constructions and design, doctors, cleaning, car services, IT, law and taxes, travel, E-commerce and more!

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Our page is super simple to use and allows the user to find everything that they’re looking for in a local area. We allow the Brighton companies to find new customers that will appreciate the offer that the local business owners have. We offer to promote your services by providing the key information about your company and grow your online network. Thanks to our services, your rankings will rise and generate new profit.

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We can promise, that you’ll not only find new customers thanks to whom you’ll gather more sales, but also create your reputation. Our business listing provides the users with a specific information about your company that will help them learn about you and find the pieces of information they’re looking for. Our comprehensive service doesn’t forget about the key information such as opening hours, location, e-mail address and company’s profile.

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Our aim is to give UK’s company the space that will help them grow and conquer the local and nation-wide market!

We would love to see how the small, family companies born out of passion are doing great and are found by people who think just as the owners and find the same qualities the most valuable.

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